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    • This Coming Saturday 9:00 PST (W. Coast) Join Us at http://fuze.me23940367 For an Incredible Webinar with the Undisputed Grandfather Of Our Industry

      Our special guest on April 5th 2014 will be none other than the incredible…

      Doctor Albert Lowry

      Want to Know Who this Guy Is? Check This Out:

      Doctor Lowry’s very first book (Simon and Schuster–‘How You Can Become Financially Independent by Investing in Real Estate) was on the New York Times Best Seller List for three consecutive years (an extraordinary accomplishment); his second book, ‘How to Become Financially Successful by Owning Your Own Business’ was another NY Times multimillion-copy seller.

      Al (Doctor Lowry) has a Master’s Degree in Real Estate, a PhD in Business Administration, and is a member of the American Academy of Exchanger’s Hall of Fame (the highest award for anyone engaged in real estate). He is a Certified Business Counsellor and a Certified Property Manager. As well, he holds a Certificate of Management from the University of Southern California and has been named: Kiwanian of the Year, Associate Realtor of the Years, and is currently a prominent and active member of the American Academy of Authors.

      In 2010 Al received the prestigious Real Estate Information Lifetime Achievement Award, and was honored with the Speaker of the Year Award and the equally prestigious Founding Father Award at the Annual Internet Super-Marketing Conference in 2011.

      The founder of the very first Real Estate Investor’s club in the US (and 100‘s of them in the US and Canada since that time), Dr. Lowry’s mug has appeared on the front cover of Money Magazine, and he’s been featured in People Magazine, the New York Times and Money Magazine. His TV appearances include: Wall Street Week, the Today Show, Regis and Kathy Lee, Merv Griffin and Larry King Live.

      A short list of just a few of his readily recognized former students includes: Carlton Sheets, Ron Le Grand, Robert Allen, Wright Thurston, Robert Shemin and the dashingly handsome and utterly brilliant Bill Gatten.

      Some of Al’s shared stage lecturing partners include the likes of Donald Trump, Suze Orman, Tony Robbins, Robert Kyosaki, Depak Chopra, George Foreman, Peter Lowe, Phil Town, Mark Victor Hansen, Raymond Aaron, George Ross, Les Brown, Orin Hatch (Sen.), Rudolph Giuliani (NY Mayor) and the late Zig Ziglar. …’Oh yeah…’and Bill Gatten.

      Today, more than 350,000 people throughout the US and Canada have taken Al’s course, and many thousands of those have achieved true financial success and lifetime security because of having done so.