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    Cheryl, funny post, I can tell you have been around Bill ! How is it going ? Alan fundingmoney at hotmail



    Additonally, the Listing Agent is to be “Apprised” of their necessity to “Drop the Listing from the MLS, prior to TCHG making them an Offer.”

    I beleive you were interested in my taking that role, Don, even though I’d never even heard of it.

    By whom shall the Agent be “Apprised ?”; is a Question we need answered.

    I asked you if this is the Acquisition/ Account Manager’s Role.

    I don’t have any Short Sale Buyer or even heard of a Short Sale Exit Strategy that anyone has availibility to, at any time.

    For me to speak to the Listing Agents about anything at any time is irrational, without any potential Short Sale Buyer or Short Sale Exit Strategy or Partnership or acquaintance with anyone who does.



    @almon wrote:

    I’ve done this much from Central Kentucky:

    I send an Introductory Letter to the Agent, describing our Offer and linking them to a web-site for more detail ( Bill’s “Your Way/ Our Way,” etc.) and let them know that the Member will call them, for a couple more details ( from their training ) and once we have that info, an Account Manager will meet with them to present to them an Offer.

    I send the extensive Property Details of the Current Short Sale available, with the Address, County, List Price History, MLS #, APN., etc., Pictures and Full Name, Address, Phone, Cell, Fax AND EMAILof Agent AND their Brokerage, along with a copy of my Letter to the Agent, for the Member to “Get them Ready.”

    I received 150 Emails on Short Sale Leads from my referral sources in one day, yesterday. Short Sale Properties are coming to me, Daily by the HUNDREDS.

    At the moment, most all of these Properties are in; Greater Los Angeles, San Fern Valley, Orange.

    My people are sitting on ready to expand to any other County in CA and all other states.

    I have thousands sitting on hold, waiting for a Short Sale Exit Strategy.

    What ?

    Yes. I am outside California and not a paid Member.

    I have all the Paperwork you are inquiring to Scott about ( and they will probably send it to you. )

    Each of these Properties are set up for me to Mail Merge their information onto NARS forms and Submit, however, I have yet to find a do-do !?!

    I’m sitting on literally Millions and Millions of Profit Potential Properties and have my Networks bringing them to me and the Processes to Format them onto NARS Submittal Forms and put them into the Hands of someone that is a NARS Member ( Emerald or preferably, Ruby )

    If you let other people do your thinking for you, please don’t “bring your guns to town.”

    You have a Group ?

    Does your group want to get a leg up and a fast start at this action ?

    Do YOU want to put them to work ?

    My people work jobs and the sooner they are full time, the sooner we take over the country.

    What kind of money can you people put together ?

    Make me a Ruby and I’ll trickle this game right into Your Alls Lap, for YOUR SPREAD.

    Does your definition of DISCRESION include, “Volumn ?”

    We can do this.

    Thank you,
    Alan Gross
    FundingMoney@hotmail. ___

    P.S. My referring Agents went to bat with the Short Sale Auction and would do, if Cash Offer falls through.


    HEY DAVE !

    I always was good at “just running the bases !” Heck, yeah.

    Way to fit a Pinch Runner into your Game Plan.

    You’ve got my vote for the Hall of Fame.



    The “P,S.S. Do I have to…”

    was supposed to be adressed to Dave and Scott;

    i.e., “P,S.S. Dave and Scott: Do I have to…” then, “Please Advise.”

    It’s actually on the table.



    On Finding the Short Sale Property:

    If an outside Investor purchases the Property at 60% of the $100,000 FMV and
    “we find a buyer willing to pay 95 percent of value” ;

    Is there any room left for the person that finds the Short Sale, in this $35,000 example spread, after other costs and Profits to others, to make anything ?


    On Finding the different Buyers:

    P.S. and when we say, ” we find a Buyer “;

    There are two Buyers: an Outside Investor and an End-User.

    On the End-User: Who is “we ?”

    I’m wondering about what goes on with us compared to those that are Realtors.

    Thanks again.



    Well, your answer has been copied, paisted and printed to carry around in my pocket; for viewing at every spare moment.

    Like they say on the Game Shows, while nodding and applauding, “Good Answer, Good Answer.”

    Thank you, until we speak again,



    Is there a List of Fees for the Buyer created, yet ?

    I want to contact some Realtors in that area with a request for Short Sale properties, but rather than telling them that there will be “costs associated” for their Seller “Up Front”, before they can expect any involvement on my part to try to rescue them from Foreclosure, somehow, I wanted to try to quantify all the different fees and up front expense amounts that I’ll need to charge the Seller in cash, first, so when the Realtor sets up our first contact with the Seller for the Short Sale, they’ll be prepared to wire funds to get started.

    This will also help in advertising.

    “Pay us _____ to Find you a Buyer.”

    Thank you,
    Alan Gross

    How about just ?

    That’s my yahoo Email.

    Will that cover a $ 1.5 M deal ?

    Thanks again.


    Do you have MLS access ? to Expireds


    That “Never Give Up” thing was one of the best I’ve ever seen and heard.

    ( and was of some of those that were there that day )

    If people felt sorry for themselves a lot less, we could get something done, together.

    Thanks, Gary,

    Here’s one link for some good pep talk, but I can’t find the one we’re looking for, YET !!! NEVER GIVE UP !!!! It’s in my computer SOMEwhere !

    ( also, look at the replys and find Bill Murry’s speech, from “Stripes.”)


    @blackpuma wrote:

    Part of the problem is that you’re making false assumptions, such as beneficiaries being on title. Go back to basics.


    That’s the “BamBoozel.”




    Gary, Did you see this ?

    Just checking.

    There is a whole Loan Industry crying about how the have hurt so many Home Owners, by BamBoozeling them into inadvisable, dangerious ( how be it: Profitable for the Loan Officer ) and unethical and immoral “Products.”

    That BamBoozeling ability wont serve them very well against Bill Gatten’s material, below.

    To the Death of the BamBoozel Industry’s BamBoozel M.O. and Long Live the Legally Entitled Wealth, for the sake of Honest Entrepreneurship ( vs., by the way: Monopolies, Racketeering, Libel, etc. ) !

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    How does one come prepared? First, really set aside the time that weekend and
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    with knowledge of where to find “For Sale By Owner” sales across the USA. That’s
    right. You can capitalize on Real Estate opportunities that are not always in
    your backyard! That is not to say that the local daily newspaper is not a great
    source of leads, but we’re asking you to take a second to see what is out there
    in the national market. Need a hint? Try the Web! Finally, no need to worry
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    Bill and Gail Gatten, and the Magic Staff at NARS (Jeff and Pete, and Scott and Dave,
    and Roberta and Tom, and Steve and Lisa, and Linda and Lori, and Joe… each one a
    major and irreplaceable part of the finest team ever assembled).



    I sent some “thoughts” to your FinancialFitness e-mail, if you still use it.

    I wanted to see if it is comprehensible, before we can see if it is doable !!

    You know me.

    The babbling format of one of my other suggestions, if nothing else, protected me and the world from them !

    Thanks for your continued ‘deciphering’ efforts.


    Blessed is the Attorney that can get off the ground with a Short Runway.

    Praise, Jesus, a Non-Narsonian with the perspicuity to handle Two Entire Schools of Thought.

    A Rare Bread.

    Elite, indeed.

    And, yet, folks there is some reason that so many others don’t ‘get it’, or ‘take to it’.

    It’s not that it doesn’t work, or that it’s not legal, it’s just the unknown axiom in their equation.

    And, by taking the “Make Offers”, vs the “Look at me and my Gig” approach will allow for the Buyers’ and Sellers’ motivation to overshadow their “Stump the Investor” tendancies.”

    You’ve been given a gift that may need to remain hidden ( private and prepritory, not Null and Void Table-Top Doc ‘secret’ Fish-Wrap.)

    When an individual needs surgery, do they have to enroll in Medical School ?

    The Band-aid Government and Financial Institutions have just allowed their Debt Mentality Cancers to fester.

    Bring the Cure Home to the People.

    Bring it.

    You’ve got it, right ?


    Bring it.

    Thanks, Alan

    Thanks, Scott, as always, and Kathleen !, dude ! 8)


    I think there is a another point, here Scott makes, that can’t be overstated.

    You make a good point here, Scott. I finally understand the crux of this whole process. That is to MAKE OFFERS!

    May I labor these points ?

    Could it be that:

    Making Offers is to ‘Making the Team’, as….

    Many times I will make an offer to a Seller and get turned down. But, I can’t tell you how many transactions I’ve done from referrals of the ones who didn’t accept my offer for whatever reason.

    Getting Referrals from them is ‘Playing with the Varsity.’

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