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Weekly Saturday Morning Training Sessions

Regarding the Saturday Morning Training Sessions:
We meet weekly (9:00 AM PST) till about (10:30 AM PST)
Simply click-on the following Link to join us using your computer’s screen, microphone and speakers: http://fuze.me/23940367 or if you prefer (or need to), you can call in by phone, by dialing: (201) 479-4595 and entering the Meeting ID# 23940367 followed by the pound sign when prompted.

We talk about marketing strategies that we have full access to, which others simply do not, and about which they haven’t a clue as to how to implement our proprietary ideas and systems.  For instance, our excellent staff of trainers (Jeff Hatcher, Bret Ehlers, Bill Gatten and other special guests) cover a myriad of topics regarding how a 3rd Party Land Trust Conveyance (EHTrust™ accomplishes all of the following (‘just to name a few of the remarkable profit centers):

  • Working over-encumbered properties for BIG bucks
  • What to do with foreclosures beyond the short sale or modification
  • How Equity Sharing done properly provides Appreciation Insurance
  • How money can be made (lots of it) where others see no hope at all
  • How to convert short sales into safe and harmless full commission sales
  • The real way to do options…without any of their down-sides
  • How to do Contacts for Deed, All-Inclusive Mortgages, Equity Shares and Land Sale Contracts, without due-on-sale violation
  • Doing all of the forgoing without Dodd-Frank (seller-financing) compromise
  • Holding properties in a Faux Escrow (i.e., in a 3rd party trustee) for the purpose of avoiding the necessity of new mortgage qualifying, exorbitant down-payments and stringent credit requirements
  • How to pick up a property and flip it in a week with escrow or new title insurance
  • Using our on-line documentation and form creation data-base
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