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We’re in Control


I don’t mean to sound maudlin or too “new-agey” here; but the one bit of magic that I have managed to glean from my more than half-century-plus on this wobbly little planet of ours (OK…four-fifths, then),.is that WE as individuals are absolutely in-charge. We are not only in charge of our own destinies, but also in charge of the very clockwork that is the Universe itself. Although most of us live our lives wholly oblivious to that fact, we are none-the-less in absolute control of our health, our fates, our bank accounts, and our aspirations, and those of others (…the world at large).

Think about it. Didn’t we (you and I together) send a man to the Moon and stand with him in awe as he took his first step? Didn’t we send space ships and video cameras to all the known planets? Didn’t we invent cures for Diphtheria, Polio and Malaria? Didn’t we build the Hubble Telescope and put it into orbit around a beautiful, inhabited water planet in a remote part of a remote galaxy, just because we wanted to? Didn’t we harness and tame the electricity that has enabled the Information Age in which we are now all basking? Of course we did! There is no one individual who can take credit for any of that…it was humanity that did it, and it will be humanity who travels to the stars and cures all diseases, and conquers aging one day. And that’s exactly who we are, and what we are capable of. As individuals, we need only to be in tune with all of it, and remain steadfastly aware of all of it, in order to use it and take credit for it. With each and every one of our achievements, somewhere along the line, a solitary individual with a burning desire to alter the entire Universe forever—with a little help from the rest of us— simply DID SO because they chose to, and because they knew for sure they could.

Here’s my own little affirmation (as it were…a mantra?), which I have taped to the dashboard of my car, my bathroom mirror and on the back of my TV remote (with which I spend entirely too much time). It’s yours too, if you want it. I have to say that it’s done all right by me. But here’s the caveat: If you read it over once or twice and think you understand its meaning, you will be wrong…it’s far more multi-faceted than it appears to be at first glance:

I am perfectly in tune with, and solely in charge of, the Abundance of, and which is the Universe and all of Life: I will, therefore, continue to prosper and excel in the most spectacular of ways…always!

Dr. Tom Johnson

The core message here is simply that whatever it is that we choose to have, if we truly want it (need it or not), it will be given to us on a silver platter when we know for sure that it is our right to have it, and when we honestly ‘expect’ to have it. We can pray for it. We can hope for it. We can ask Santa for it. But if we’ve already tried all that, and are weary of all that mewling and moping and hoping; if we’re sick and tired of screwing around and waiting for the good stuff that others seem to have more of than we do: then we must dig in and holler. We have no choice but to tilt our heads way back and proclaim, from the diaphragm, as loudly and sternly as we can, that what we want is already ours and by damn, we’re going to have it…NOW! Its funny, but sometimes God doesn’t appear to hear too good when needs are whispered as supplications. But when they are boldly demanded with stern self-assurance, he smiles and says: ”Alright! You finally figured it out! It’s about time!”

When you have asserted your self in this manner (figuratively or literally)…and really mean it…my solemn promise is all that you honestly command into reality will indeed appear.

The most closely guarded secret relative to obtaining is not the fact that if you truly want it with a good reason, that it will be given to you. There’s a far more valuable tool that we need to understand. I can remember the “poverty days (my own)” of not too many years ago, when I thought repeating my mantras and my affirmations daily…with stern conviction…and paying larger tithes than I could afford, would bring me financial relief. It did not. It didn’t do diddly (so to speak) until I figured out the solution to the enigma.

The enigmatic mystery all along was simply that if you don’t think you deserve it, no matter how bad you want it, and no matter what you do to get it, you will not truly desire it (burningly) enough to demand it with every screaming fiber of your body and soul. And, until you do exactly that, your plans for achievement remain too undefined to allow the Law of the Universe to “know” what the heck it is that you’re supposed to have.

Consider you’re walking up to an airport ticket counter and saying, “I’d like a ticket please.” The ticket agent then asks, “Yes, and where would you like to go?” You reply, “Well…someplace better than where I am now.” Think about it…how far are you going to get before your realize that you’re going to have to refine your objective and know for sure exactly where you want to be. You also must know when you’re willing to leave and when you’d like to arrive, and what your surroundings should be like, once you get there.

The resolution of the “Mystery” then is: know what you want; brashly demand it without apology; know that it is already yours to have; expect it without embarrassment or doubt. Then, Voila! It’s on its way and you can’t stop it. Just be very careful what you pray for…because your gonna get it!

But wait! There’s still another catch. There are a few things you must to do first in order to get aboard the Achievement Train. These items are not necessarily daily exercises, or life-changing goofy stuff you can’t live with for long, and which embarrasses your family when they see you doing it. But they are the ‘catch’ nonetheless, and are summed-up very succinctly in the following quote by Louise Hay:

In order to eliminate [any] ‘scarcity’ in one’s life, one must identify and relinquish some [veiled] self-serving need that relies upon that scarcity for its fulfillment

In analyzing this simple, life-altering truism, it become obvious that if, for example, one were to desire to, say, lose weight, he or she would have no choice but to give up something. For the weight challenged, take your choice: any two of the following will do (and you can keep all the rest)–those scrumptious high calorie foods; that insulin-spiking dietary starch; that satisfying couple’a cold beers every evening after work (Oh God! Please! Not the beer!); your sedentary lifestyle; or a blissful hour of not exercising every day.

Another prime example of a deeply hidden self-serving need that relies upon a scarcity for its existence is “Failure.” In other words: “If I don’t attain any success, my need to bitch about everything and blame others for my failure won’t be impinged upon, and I won’t ever have to face the prospect of…failing. If I don’t try, no one can say I failed, and that way I won’t have to come back for an encore (…and that’s very important, because even if I did accidentally succeed once, who’s to say I could sustain my roll I was on, or ever do it again).”

For the same reasons, if one wants to lose the depleted bank account, and the monthly late notices (“friendly reminders”), then he or she has no choice but to firmly resolve to give up something. For starters, how about giving up, say, a couple hours of TV watching per evening, two or three of those leisurely Saturday afternoons per-month? How about giving up the safety inherent in declaring that you don’t like cold-calling? Or perhaps letting go of that that fattening poverty- building, oh so soothing, propensity for procrastination;

As Dr. Wayne Dyer says in his educational course by the same name: You will SEE it when you BELIEVE it!

For our purposes, the key here is to simply understand, once and for all, that in order to become successful in creative real estate financing, especially as it pertains to the NARS Equity Holding Trust™, you do not have to change your lifestyle, your religion, your spouse, your girth or the way pluck your nose hairs. You merely need to identify and select a few of those replaceable Self-Serving Needs, resolving to abandon them in favor of diligently taking for yourself what you REALLY want out of life.

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