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The National Lifetime Network Membership

Unlimited personal real estate investment training, coaching, mentoring, networking and partnering.  No renewal fees 'although do note that members are dropped...when not heard from (phone, email, fax, training calls, etc.) for 24 consecutive months.  In the event of such termination, one may reinstate for a small fee.
The National ODWM Membership includes:

ODWM Member Marketing Affiliate

First Level benefits of the ODWM National Marketing- Affiliate program include those described under the National Networking and Training Membership: however, for those who would wish to be directly involved in marketing ODWM's products and services...'one may do so by contract, and for a continuing monthly payment to ODWM of....
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The Quick Start Success Pack

Includes: • The Book, A Fortune in Free Real Estate (the how-to-primer for Realtors®, buyers, sellers , investors and mortgage professionals, re. the Equity Holding Trust Transfer™ System
• The Book, No Down, No New Loan (“Life with a Land Trust”)!
• Full Audio Recording of a Typical Two-Day...
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Book: Making It Big & Keeping It….This Time

The 340 page training manual, Making it BIG and Keeping It…This Time contains: sample, forms, advertising ideas, telephone scripts (cold call dialogues), tips on getting your business set-up and started, most effective goal-setting techniques, legal and accounting regulations and restrictions, a lexicon of pertinent real estate and mortgage terminology, the form...

Book: A Fortune in Free Real Estate

A real and lasting fortune stands to be made via what has, over the years, come to be known as "creative" or "seller-assisted" real estate financing and acquisition.  However, with the advent of new federal regulation regarding owner financing of real estate (i.e., the "Dodd-Frank Act" of  1/10/14) the practice, for some, the incredible Open Door Wealth Manag...

Tele-Mentoring-Webinars & Training

Join us every Saturday morning at 9:00 AM PST (West Coast Time). Click here to register (for free). Once registered, you will be able to join us each week by audio and video using your computer's microphone speakers (VoIP) and screen. A headset is recommended but not required.